A Full Moon

I was asked recently on Instagram about having Gestational Diabetes with Baby 3 and it brought me back.

It’s funny how life is so fast and hectic, and all those pregnancies soon feel like a lifetime ago.

I’ve had different experiences with births. Baby 1 was an assisted delivery – I had an epidural with him, and no matter how hard I tried he wasn’t coming without a helping hand – a hand being Forceps, Vacuum and a nice little Episiotomy to top it off. He was 7 lbs 12 and born the morning after my due date.

Baby 2 was a C Section. I was huge. He was huge. Well, for me. I’m quite small and he was 8 lbs 10. They had estimated he would be 9 lbs 6 at a late scan. One nurse checking on me asked if I was the lady having twins ffs. He was oblique (not head down). I reckon now looking back I had GD, but nobody ever mentioned it then to me. He was born 6 days after my due date.

Baby 3 was a C Section too. I was told around 34 weeks that I had GD and that he was measuring large. I was able to control it with diet and checking blood sugar levels by finger prick 5 times a day. I was admitted at 38 weeks for a C Section because he was oblique too. Ironically he was my smallest. 7 lbs 5.

I took a little trip down memory lane afterwards about the whole GD experience and had a giggle to myself about the day I made an absolute fool of myself with one of the nurses. It was while I was admitted to the Coombe to wait for the C Section. For the day or two before the c section, I had to have some insulin shots, and a steroid injection to strengthen the baby’s lungs before delivery.

It was the steroid injection where I made an ass of myself – pun intended. You’ll know why soon. It went like this –

The nurse came in to give me the injection. It was a different nurse to the usual ones that had been on duty. It was a MALE nurse. A pretty GOOD LOOKING MALE NURSE.

He introduced himself to me, smiled, explained the injection, and told me to turn over on my side, and lower my pants slightly. I did.

Then he said “A little more”

So I lowered my pants a bit more.

He said “No. I meant a little more on your side.”

Great. I mooned the nurse.

Absolutely. Morto.



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