Airfield Estate Review…

Airfield Estate is Dublin’s only 38 acre working farm open to the public, and is situated in Dundrum. 

Now a charitable organisation for education and recreation, Airfield consists of a farm, gardens, woodlands, play areas, a café and a heritage experience of the house that once belonged to the Overends family back in the 1800’s. You can read about the history of it here

We’d never been to Airfield before and they very kindly offered to have us out for a visit. 

We were lucky enough to get a bit of sunshine when we got there on sunday morning. As soon as we went through the entrance I could tell it was going to be a lovely place to wander around. 

It was full of gardens and colourful flowers and there was lots places for the kids to run and explore while we walked around. We were able to see vineyards and crops and vegetables all growing in the gardens. 

Using the maps we headed for the farm first. We got there to see the cows being milked. The kids were fascinated that they use machines now and don’t milk them by hand. We got to try some fresh milk too and Oh My God, it was the best milk I’ve ever tasted! I’m guessing because it was fresh and unpasteurized and unhomogenized. It tasted like melted icecream. It was so good! My cartoned milk will never be the same again.. 


We got to see the cows and calfs up close and personal and even got to rub one on the nose. There were chicks and pigs in that section too and then later as we walked around the woodlands we saw a foal, donkey and plenty of sheep too.    


After the farm we walked through the woodlands and did the ‘Naturescape’. It was lovely. Lots of space for the kids to run around, lovely bridges for them to walk over, bumpy hills that they loved to run down and little play areas scattered around too. The zip line was a big hit! They spent ages looking out for frogs in the pond but didn’t see any. Maybe next time!


At the end of the walk through the woodlands were old fashioned Lawn Games that the kids loved. Games like egg on a spoon and throwing balls into buckets. It’s the simple things sometimes that entertain the kids the most! 


I loved reading all the facts as we walked around. We learned that bees need to collect pollen from 2 million flowers to make a certain amount of honey. I get tired after changing the bedsheets so fair play to them! 😉 

After the woodlands we walked back up and stopped into the café. A gorgeous little spot full of bunting and hanging hearts and lights. It was spacious and only had a few tables inside (as well as outside) so it wasn’t overly packed or noisy. It was a lovely place to stop for a timeout and have a coffee. Very friendly staff too!

After that we went to another kids play area – a sheltered one – where the kids played shop and played in the wicker house and generally had lots of fun.

Then it was onto the heritage house for a bit of history. With clothes, letters, photos, toys and books from their time all on display along with info and facts about the family there was lots to see. The kids loved the old typewriter and gramophone. Slightly different to the touch screen tablets they’re accustomed too!!! 

Just outside the house there were massive trees that the kids were able to climb. They loved that! They spent ages at the trees while I enjoyed the lovely views of the grounds and of the Dublin Mountains. 


All in all an absolute gem of a place and I’m delighted we got to go and see it. All four of us enjoyed everything about it and it’s somewhere we’ll definitely return to for another visit. Maybe even before school starts back!

You can check out their website here, and find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram






Note: We were given a family pass in exchange for a review. All views are my own.





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