Denzil The Magician Review…


So back in February, Denzil, a Dublin based popular kids magician, got in touch with me asking if I’d like him to do a kids show in exchange for an honest review. We had our son’s 5th birthday coming up so it was perfect timing. We had it all booked, but of course the 5 year old decided to be very sick that particular week, and we had to cancel his party. It’s a very sad state of affairs cancelling a 5th birthday party. 

The 7 year old’s birthday has also been and gone. He told me he “just wanted to go out for a meal” this year (McDonalds!) so we had no birthday parties. 

Anyway, last week I got an email from Denzil asking if we’d like to re-arrange the show for this week. I was delighted and with no birthdays as such, we decided to hold a very random, no reason at all, monday party with a magician. 

I got in touch with all the Mammies and thankfully getting a crowd together was easy. We had 20 kids coming – my own 2 included – ranging from 3 – 9. 

I won’t lie. I was shitting myself slightly. 20 kids is a lot and if they lost interest and started wandering off mid show I’d be left morto and stressed to the hilt. We’ve never had a magician for a kids party before so I’d no idea what to expect!

I needn’t have worried. They were actually all sitting on the floor in the kitchen waiting before he even told them to!

He had their full attention for the entire show which was an hour long. There was lots of silliness and screams and shouts of “wow!” and epic!”. They laughed their heads off and actually, so did the adults. He’s a bit of a comedian as well as a magician. I was laughing away the entire time and really enjoyed watching it. All the adults did. And aside from being brilliant at entertaining the kids, the magic was excellent!


My 5 year old inparticular is hard to please. I fully expected him to wander off early in the show and tell me he wanted to go and play. He didn’t. He watched the entire hour long show. That’s something! 

I’ve never seen so much happiness as I did at the end of the show when Benny the Rabbit magically appeared. They were amazed and delighted and all got a chance to pet him. Benny was a huge hit and the boys were still talking about him going to bed. 

I asked them both to try and describe the show in one word for me. The 7 year old said “amazing” but then asked if he could change his answer to “spectacular”.

The 5 year old – struggling with the one word answer – said to me “It was great and I loved when the balloon popped and the rabbit appeared because it was real magic and it was funny and I really wish we could have a pet rabbit.”

I can’t fault any of it at all. He was really good with the kids and obviously loves what he does. As a Mammy to two boys who rarely stay still long enough to focus on anything, the fact that they sat and watched his show for a full hour and loved it says it all. I’ll be keeping his card handy for Communion next year.

You can check out Denzil The Magician on his website here, and on Facebook and Twitter




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