Going back to Toddler group…

This week we ventured to our local toddler group.

It’s been a while.

5 years to be exact.

I joined my first toddler group when my second kid was born and my first was just shy of turning 2.

It was my life saver.

In fact, all my best friends today are from that original toddler group.

I was in it for 3 years, helping to run it for most of that time too.

It ran twice a week in the morning times and I’d be dying for it! My little escape to chat to other Mammies (and Daddies) and actually finish a cup of tea for once while the kids played / crawled all over other kids.

It was as much for the Parents – if not more – as for the kids and we’d have nights out and everything. It was a major part of my life.

Then my boys got older and went to school and Toddler group became a memory.

Until now.

Baby 3 is no longer a baby really, and for a while now I’ve been saying I need to join a Toddler group.

If I’m honest I was putting it off, sort of dreading going back to the chaos. Feeling a bit “been there, done that” about it and just not having the enthusiasm for it at all.

But I was always going to go back for kid 3 at some point, and this morning a friend texted me to say she was going along to a local one for the first time too and did I want to go, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet.

I don’t know why I dreaded it. Toddler groups are deadly. The Mammies (and Daddies) are deadly. We’re all the same, and we’re all just trying to keep the kids entertained and have a chat and a cup of tea for 5 minutes in (relative) peace.

My kid had a great time – bar trying to sit on a bench and falling down a gap at the back at one point but it was nothing a biscuit couldn’t fix.

I felt like I was back in a time warp – offering to help take out the toys, the cup of tea, the chats, the sing song at the end, and it was lovely.

Of course typically, I missed 2 calls from the boys’ school to tell me that one had forgotten his lunch box and I had to fly home, drop off a lunch box and then get back to kid 3 but who doesn’t love a good run around on a sweltering sunny day…!

Anyway, I suppose my point is to tell you that Toddler groups can be a massive life saver for Parents, and if you’re at home, struggling, exhausted, overwhelmed, or just plain lonely, I definitely recommend seeing if you have a local one that can become part of your weekly routine, and somewhere where you can definitely pick up friends for life who just get it.

So off we go again.. here’s to another chapter..



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