Having a Toddler again…

I still can’t get my head round the fact that he’s a toddler. I mean, he was a baby for about 2 minutes ffs.

Last year, when number three came along, my other boys were almost 9 & almost 7. I figured one more would just slot in to the already chaotic life with boys we had, and that I’d hardly notice a change! (*pause while you snort with laughter at the hideous naivety of me*) Honestly, I figured two was mad anyway so it’ll be grand..

If you aren’t aware, three kids is an absolute circus.

It. Is. Insane.

And they’re all boys.

The last year has gone by in a complete blur of nappies, noise and insomnia. I feel slightly cheated that it went by so fast because I had fully intended to soak up the baby stage for all it was worth (because he is definitely, DEFINITELY the last. I’ve been here before but this time I MEAN it!)

But here we are, he’s barely 15 months old but a fully fledged toddler. *sigh*

He’s flying around the place, he’s bloody clever, he has recently discovered tantrums, he eats like a horse, if he wakes at night he wants my bed and makes it damn clear that nothing else will do, he can open the stair gate, he can climb onto the furniture, he has me exhausted but he’s feckin adorable and he adores me which I love having again. (The older two wouldn’t hold my hand if their lives depended on it. The idea of it makes them recoil in horror.)

I’d forgotten what toddler life is like. It’s been a while. I was at the stage where if we wanted to go anywhere we just got into the car and went. Now we’re back to buggies (which I love. I forgot how handy that storage area is!!) changing bags, 57 snacks, soothers, comforters, outfit changes incase of up the back shits.. all that stuff..

So yeh, it’s definitely hard going back and trying to juggle the physical tiredness you get from chasing a toddler all day and comforting him if he wakes at night, to the emotional tiredness of the older kids..

Good God, it doesn’t get easier as they get older does it?! It gets bloody harder! The backtalk, cheek, pushing boundaries, meltdowns, hormones… it’s all an absolute minefield and I’ll be honest, I haven’t a CLUE if I’m doing any of it right..

I’m hoping for the best, and while it’s all hectic and like a badly run zoo most days, I’m trying to soak up as much of it as I can because God knows it goes by fast, and for now, as it’s FINALLY a school night and the midterm is over, the kids are all in bed at a reasonable hour and it’s time for Netflix and… wine!

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