Hay-Band for Hayfever sufferers

Every Summer I fall victim to the dreaded hay fever. Some days I might just be a bit sniffly and other days I get a whopper headache, puffy eyes, a runny nose and one of my eyes runs like a tap.

I take a cetrine tablet most days in Summer time to try and keep it at bay, but some times it gets me anyway. I was recently gifted a hay-band to try out. Loads of people mentioned them to me last Summer while I was in a heap and seemingly they were quite popular. I tried both chemists in my village and both had run out. I kind of forgot about it then.

Anyway, it’s based on chinese principals of acupressure, stimulating a specific pressure point on your arm. Completely natural with no side effects.

I’ll tell you what though, it seems to work.

If I know there’s a high pollen count or if I feel my eye watering and acting up early in the morning (that’s how it starts for me!) I stick it on and my symptoms don’t flare up. Now, I’ll take a cetrine too sometimes if it’s a very high pollen count because sometimes I might get a few hives too and the antihistimine helps with that (total glamour eh?) but without a doubt the hay-band does all the work for the hayfever, because I’ve often taken a tablet and still ended up in bits.

So there you go. It gets a thumbs up from me. We actually bought ourselves a second one recently because my Husband was using it too. It retailed at €13.99 in our local chemist. Well worth it when you can throw it on any time you want.

*Not suitable for children under 3 or during pregnancy.


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