I’m back!…. again… I think…

Here we go again… I think!!

A quick refresher – I ran the original “Confessions Of An Irish Mammy” blog for about 4 years. Last year after baby number three came along I felt a bit in over my head and I called it a day… Then I missed it a bit but thought a fresh new blog would be good so I tried “Clueless Mammy” but I never really got into it… then lately after feeling like things have been a bit monotonous (had to totally google that one..) I decided to try and resurrect Confessions Of An Irish Mammy and see how we go. It’s all a bit plain Jane for now as I’m starting from scratch again.

Bored to tears yet? Still here? Well, to reintroduce myself, I’m a Mammy of 3 boys. I’ve been a SAHM for 10 years.. Boy one turns 10 in a few weeks, is the world’s most headstrong child and never stops eating, boy two is 8, makes his Communion this year and is playstation obsessed, and boy three is almost 15 months old, is currently cutting 4 molars and is an absolute terror (but adorable).

I turn 36 next week. I reckon I’ll be bald by 40.





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