New House, New Baby

Apparently the term “New House New Baby” is an actual expression….! 

Well we seem to have taken that very literally!

This is a quick post because my internet connection is shite while I wait for Eir to come out. It’ll be a week. The kids have taken this as some sort of form of torture. Yesterday in fact, when I asked if they were happy in the hew house, the 8 year old said “It’ll feel like home when we get the internet” !!! 

Anyway, we moved on Tuesday. We got our keys at 3pm, and had to be out at 5pm. The most stressful, chaotic, manic, exhausting 2 hours where it was all so mental I didn’t even get a chance to take one last glance at all the rooms and say goodbye like I imagined I would. It was just throw things in the car and go! Maybe for the best I suppose. Like ripping off a plaster. Quick and painless. 

Here’s some stuff I’ve learned this week – 

1. Moving house is not fun. 

2. Moving house with kids is even less fun. 

3. Moving house with kids while pregnant is fairly torturous.

4. Moving house with kids while pregnant and not being able to have any wine is just cruel.

Yep. Baby no. 3 is on the way and will – all going well – make his or her appearance early February 2018. 

I can sum up my Summer in 3 easy steps – 

– Chicken pox

– Moving house

– Preggers

It’s been a surreal Summer with a lot of major game changers in one small space of time… Obviously the house and baby – the chicken pox were just a pain in the ass! 

I’m just over 15 weeks now and am still stuffing myself into the one last pair of jeans that fit in a desperate attempt to avoid maternity clothes, but the stretchy belly covering jeans are imminent! 

So that’s my news. 

New House, New Baby. 

Shit’s about to get real…  

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