Poison Scare – Handy Information to have…

So I had an incident with the 18 month old where he got his hands on some nail polish remover that I, unfortunately, left within his reach having completely forgotten about it. (Just another thing to add to the Mammy Guilt list!)

I had run downstairs to stick on the washing machine and when I came back up he was at the bottle, the lid was open and it had spilled a little.
While I was 99% sure he hadn’t ingested it I couldn’t be sure, so I rang the National Poisons Information Centre who were very helpful, and after looking up the remover and being able to tell me how high the levels of toxins in it were, suggested I get him seen to be on the safe side.

I rang the new Children’s Oupatients Department in Connolly Hospital and thankfully I was able to bring him in there, rather than travelling all the way in to Temple Street with 3 kids. Honestly the parking alone would have broken me.

Connolly is a heck of a lot closer for us so it was really handy. It’s such a great new facility to have and I’m sure will save many parents a lot of hassle for minor incidents.

Children's Health Ireland Connolly Hospital

They monitored his BP, temp and blood sugar levels by doing a finger prick. Apparently their blood sugar levels will be very high if they have ingested something. All was well, they kept him until 4 hours had passed since it happened, he was in good form so thankfully that was the end of it.

It could have been a million times worse.

I have phone numbers for hospitals and the Poisons Information Centre saved into my phone for quick access.

Incase you haven’t got them handy already here they are and their websites –

CHI (Childrens Health Ireland) Connolly Hospital – ph 01 640 7500 https://childrenshealthireland.ie/connolly/

National Poisons Information Centre – ph 01 809 2166 https://www.poisons.ie

Temple Street Children’s Hospital – ph 01 878 4200 www.cuh.ie

Emergencies – ph 112 or 999

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