The Weatherbies Book Review…

The Weatherbies are loveable weather themed friends who live in Skytown, a magical fantasyland above the earth’s ozone layer. Em, how cute??  

I was kindly sent out their first book ‘Sammy Sun Is Coming Out To Play’ for review recently. 

Created & written by Northern Ireland Mum Yvonne Fleming for her own two sons, Sammy Sun and his Weatherbies pals decide to have a race. Naturally there’s a nice message after the race about how it doesn’t matter who won as long as they all had fun!

I have to say I love a book that rhymes, they’re just real cute. The words are nice and big so my 5 year old was able to give it a read easily. My kids love books thankfully, and they love to read something new. They loved this and between the two of them read it to me instead of the other way around. They enjoyed all the characters, and asked about reading more books with other characters mentioned at the back of the book. 

A sweet book with loveable characters and a positive message for kids. 

As well as up to 12 book collection to follow, an animated TV production is in it’s early stages of development, with a review to broadcast in 2018/19, running alongside the likes of Peppa Pig & Mr. Men.

You can read up on all the characters on their website here, where you can purchase the book, both print and ebook, and they’re also on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also available to buy on Amazon.


Note: I was given this book in exchange for a review. All views are my own. 




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