When the age gap pays off…

We had our first two very close together, which, anyone in the 2 under 2 or thereabouts club will know, is absolute chaos.

There’s a fairly big gap then before our third boy came along, and they’re now Ten, Eight and nearly Two. (Well, in February)

There’s a lot to be said for having older kids and a baby, and I’m lucky that the two older boys absolutely ADORE their baby brother.

I mean, they’re normal kids, sometimes they want to be away from him and he gets turfed out of their bedroom, or they enjoy the odd tease.

.. and while I’m struggling to get them to participate in any nappy changing, they love to get him his bottle, or keep him company in the bath, or make him laugh..

.. and this week my kids beat their record of “What is the most bizarre thing we can manage to have an argument about” by fighting over who can lie with their brother while he goes asleep!

Now, you’ll know by my last nap, that my kid doesn’t nap (!!), so there’s not a hope he’s coming back down that stairs once it hits 7pm. He has become clever, and knows how to turn on the water works at bedtime despite being happy as Larry up until that point.

Generally, I leave him 5 minutes, go up, lie him back down, leave the room, and repeat after 10 minutes, then 15 and usually by then he’s gone. And by rights, we should be sticking to that, but we all know the rules sometimes go out the window don’t we.

He loves someone to lie with him if he’s upset. It’s usually Daddy because he’d only take the absolute mick with me and I’d never get out.

But a few nights ago, my kids begged if they could be the one to lie with him. They literally had an argument over who could do it. We gave in and the Eldest was allowed. I thought it would be a recipe for disaster and they’d be up playing, but it worked, and he lay with him for maybe 10 minutes and then came out, delighted with himself.

So basically my kids have been taking turns the last few nights lying with him for a few minutes, and then coming down to tell us he’s asleep.

And you know what? Everyone wins. I’m absolutely positive the novelty will wear off and I’ll be left to get my own child to bed again, so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

How cute though. They may have me grey when it comes to dinners, homework, shoes, all sorts.. but I’ll hand it to them, they’re damn good big brothers.



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