When The Bin Truck Comes Early…

We usually put the bins out the evening before, but in saying that, we’ve gotten comfortable in the knowledge that the black and green bins don’t get collected until the afternoon so we’re grand.

Last night neither of us could be bothered to go outside and stick the green bin out.

Cue 7am this morning, we’re all flat out asleep including the toddler in the middle of us.

I heard it. The toddler heard it. My Husband heard it.

He got out of bed and I thought “Grand. He’s off to put the bin out”

Then I realise he’s sauntered into the loo, presumably for the long haul.

I get up and look out the window. My Husband shouts something about thinking it’s not our bin truck.

It is.

“IT IS!” I shout back.


The toddler is copying me too. “BIN GUCK!! BIN GUCK!!”

My Husband isn’t showing any signs of coming out of the bathroom so that’s it. It’s come to this.

Me, in my pyjamas and slippers, hair wild, crease lines on my face, racing out the front door and grabbing the bin.

There’s a moment of panic where I think it’s about to drive off around the corner so I shout out while waving a large piece of cardboard in one hand “SORRY?? WAIT!! MY BIN!!”

They still had 2 other bins to go though, and in theory I could have taken a moment to make myself presentable and the roaring and flailing of my arms was not necessary but hey..

My dignity may be dented, but at least my recycling bin is empty!




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