When your Toddler drops their nap…

I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong, but all 3 of my kids dropped naps before the age of Two. *Wipes tear*

I hoped upon hope that Kid 3 would be the one still getting a nap in when he’s Eight, but alas, he seems to be following in his brothers’ footsteps, and at the tender age of – well, he’s 2 in February – (I can’t say 21 months. I don’t know what it is but after One I just can’t be doing the months thing. It just makes me cringe. (Oh he’s 43 months old next week, Bless.” No Susan. He’s 3 and a half.)

So that’s it.ย  It’s 7am – 7pm non-stop to ToddlerVille, with the odd midnight party.

Not that I don’t absolutely love and cherish our time together and all, but..

… is there a union of some sort I can join? Am I not entitled to a 15 minute coffee break? My toddler disagrees..

Anyway, if you have one of those kids who sleeps for 5 hours a day and still goes to bed at 7 o’ clock I hate you (just kidding…..but seriously, how did you make one of those kids??!)

.. And if you have one of those kids who is like a duracel bunny and never ever EVER stops until bedtime, I feel you. Be strong. All the coffee.

So long Naps. We hardly knew ye..

When your Toddler drops their napโ€ฆ

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